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Profondo Rosso

Artistic assistant

& promotor

Cecilia Rosso is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in circus arts, specializing in aerial straps. I work with her and our collective Profondo Rosso on applications for residencies, funding and coproductions, I assist in creation processes and I hope to distribute our work. 

Profondo Rosso is an international and interdisciplinary collective founded by Cecilia Rosso. Profondo Rosso combines the fields of performance, visual arts and plastic arts, to create dramaturgies around human themes. The work of the collective focuses on performances and installations that involve the public to create a deeper connection with the performer and themselves. The collective is composed by Cecilia Rosso, Jakob Lohmann, Raphaël  Albanese and Inge den Adel.

Read more about our projects

Frammenti#1 - presented in Mirabilia Festival Europe, Cuneo (IT) on 1st of September - selected for a Mirabilia Award

Available to book this work-in progress performance.

Currently we are looking for a last residency and support to finish, premiere and distribute this show in theatres and festivals.

Frammenti#2 - starting research for the interdisciplinary and interactive performative installation

Spaces - interdisciplinary exhibition in first stage of development. Available to book previews of the work.

For both projects we are searching for residencies, investors and support.


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