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Anchor technique and repertory, with Dariusz Novak & Dor Mamalia. B12, Berlin. 13-16 July 2022

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

A great wish this summer was to join movement courses. The body, movement and different approaches interest me endlessly and every corse teaches me so many (unexpected) lessons. About movement, about interactions, about my body, but also translating to lessons about life and how I move myself in this world. Providing me with tools I can apply in all fields of my work and personal growth.

B12 in Berlin offers a great variety of courses, inviting many professionals from all over the world to share their practice. Workshops ranging from high level technicality, acrobatics to experimental approaches and research. I was really attracted to the workshop Anchor technique and repertory, working with the approach of Human Fields. They provide knowledge from a wide spectrum of techniques as a base, to explore from there different topics and a specific movement language, focussing on the spine and pelvic area.

It was challenging both physically as emotionally to join a highly physical class with advanced choreography, amongst dance students and professionals. At the same time it felt liberating to not pursue a perfect mastering of the choreography. I focussed on a general understanding of the approach and studying every direction individually to understand how these phrases are composed and which qualities are important. Where and how to initiate movement, how to use gravity, momentum, the floor, weight, opposite forces, rotations, breathing. I learned how to create space within my body and to work with contraction and expansion. Most of all, I trained to move continuously. Every conscious initiation resonating, rippling through the body and space.

Aside to the course itself it has been wonderful to share this experience with dancers from all over the world, with various backgrounds. Learning about their training, practice and ideas in the field of contemporary art, dance and performance.

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