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Course with Amenti - Anchoring the body, February 2022 (part 1.0)

Updated: Sep 11, 2022


As a child I dreamt of having a secret door in the house, that only I could enter. It would lead to a big dancing room. For real. One with a nice dancefloor, mirrors, and a sound system, where I could play loud music and run, jump, turn, roll, sing and dance for as long as I wished without anyone watching but myself. I wanted to get stronger, better and more flexible in my dance practice, but most of all, this secret room would allow me to play and let go. A safe space to put that body on that floor and move. Make myself tired, express my creativity, make new patterns, challenge myself, mute my head, make mistakes, express my joy or frustration. 

It has always been a childhood dream and I didn't even think about it when I applied for the course. In stead, I thought about events that happened over the years and how I dealt with them, I thought about my will to grow and care for myself more, my eagerness to learn from other perspectives in a decolonizing approach. I thought about my desire to connect with others, I thought about the feeling of being disconnected with my body. This course 'anchoring the body' attracted me in everything. Halfway I was overwhelmed by the realization that my dream was brought to life and that it has always been such a meaningful, true dream. 

This room is now the space that I picture in my head when I think about a safe space. In my dream I was safe by being alone, but now in stead I felt the warmth and support of the group, a community. And the most amazing, inspiring mentor and endless wisdom of this method by Amenti that I would wish for everyone (no words..). Training and moving 7 days in this sunny space with a special group of people gave me so much more than I ever expected. Sharing the space and experience this physical and pure in a community takes it to a whole other universe. 

There is so much to process, so much more to learn and a lot I could share, but what really makes me smile is that this experience gave me back my joy and freedom in dancing. And I definitely have a better connection with my strong and soft body, leading to trust, care, focus, expression, support and much more. It is so good. 

Course in February 2022

Text written in March 2022

Will add the experiences and lessons later

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