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2020 - 2023

creative production 

& intimacy coordination

Official selection

International Film Festival Rotterdam 

premiere on 27.01.2023

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a place, a feeling, a word, a world where people meet and explore their desires together.

we follow Aida, a young woman who enters out of curiosity and a longing for intimacy.

through interactions in different spaces, Aida becomes closer to the others, but also to herself.

need invites you to join them in this exploration of intimacy.

"A sensual film about a world of sexual freedom and safety. Images, sound and movement coalesce in a luscious choreography. need, a stylish film by Jonnah Bron, is about consent, desire, intimacy and experiment. People wander through various rooms, where they meet, explore and touch one another."
– Christiaan Boesenach - International Film Festival Rotterdam 
06.04.2023 - Late Night Erotic Shorts - Go Short Festival Nijmegen 
14.04.2023 - Tussen Preuts en Porno - Forum Groningen 
20.04.2023 - Screening + Q&A + paneltalk - Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam
06.05.2023 - Brussels Porn Film Festival 
22.06.2023 - De School Amsterdam X Pleasure Society 
27.06.2023 - Kavka Antwerpen (BE)
29.07.2023 - Sapfo Queer festival (LT)
08.2023 - La minute rose - Le Cabaret Vert (musicfestival, FR)
25.09.2023 - Nederlands Filmfestival Utrecht
10.2023 - Everybody's Perfect - Geneva International Queer Film Festival (CH)

11.2023 - 16th Beijing Queer Film Festival (also known as Love Queer Cinema Week 2023) (CN)
11.2023 - 29e Festival du film LGBTQI+ de Paris Chéries Chéris (FR)
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