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Dramaturgy student &
working in the creative industry

As a freelancer and student in the creative industry, I focus on the body, movement, intimacy and human connections through a queer and intersectional lens. This perspective, questioning labels and structures, leads towards a critical practice with an activist, but sensual touch. I hope to contribute to dialogue, connections, exploration and opening of perspectives. 

I am interested in a wide range of topics, I am curious and always willing to learn and grow. Combined with a natural sensitivity for other people, my practice involves understanding, developing and translating ideas and needs. I'm interested to apply this practice in personal, collective and creation processes, in various fields of art and society. 

My vision on dramaturgy is evolving throughout my activities. I believe in an active and embodied practice in function of the creation process. In university I learn the theoretical and academic framework. Through other experiences I learn about physical (artistic) research and engagement. For me this is the most powerful way of collaboration; maintaining an overview vision, in combination with a deep physical and personal understanding from within.

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The body, movement & embodied research


  • 1999 - now - various dance courses

  • Amenti Rotterdam - Movement research & anchoring the body (2022)

  • B12 Berlin - anchor technique & repertory Dor Mamalia & Dariusz Novak (2022)

  • Tictac Artcentre Brussels - Movement research Paola Madrid & Lola Vera (2022)

  • Tictac Artcentre Brussels - CHAKAMADESU Jolie Ngemi (2022)

  • The Body of Skill and Opportunity: Equity through Embodied Practices -
    European Dance House Network
     (2023) - report by dance researcher Alexandra Baybutt

  • Facilitator of a movement workshop in SAPFO queer festival in Lithuania, with Migle Markulyte (2023)


Human connections & intimacy 


  • Workshop Intimacy on set and stage - Mediarte & Sociaal Fonds Podiumkunsten, Brussels. By Philine Janssens, May 2022. 

  • Online introduction to Intimacy Coordination in Theatre, IDC, June 2022.

  • Workshops in the field of tantra and intimacy.

  • Production of need, short film about intimacy by Jonnah Bron, 2020-2023. 

  • Intimacy coordination for I Bloom,

         short film by Zara Vanwynsberghe, 2022-2023

  • Intimacy coordination for Why Are They Still Here?  

          short film by Angelo Raaijmakers, 2023.

  • Intimacy advisor for Moonlight Woman 

          short film by Griet Elsen, 2023.

I am focussing on my academic master Theater- and Filmwetenschappen at the University of Antwerp. I direct my focus to movement & somatic & intercultural practices.

Internship at Toneelhuis Antwerpen - research for The Golden Stool by Gorges Ocloo

Flexible job as masseuse

(in training)

Available as a freelancer for


artistic assistance

intimacy coordination

Or what do you have in mind? 

Ongoing work

I  work as artistic assistant and promotor for the multidisciplinary collective Profondo Rosso by Cecilia Rosso. 
I am producer of the short film need with visual artist Jonnah Bron.

For people who are not in the position to provide the financial means, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you honestly feel that we should connect. For me, connections in the most diverse way are enriching my life and practice. I know situations can be difficult and I don't discriminate. I love to meet you and we can always see what we can manage, now or in the future, with me or with another connection or organization. 

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